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Corporate Profile


President and CEO
Creating the future based on a global perspective

Our company was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of forged materials. Since then we have come to focus on automobile parts, with a particular specialism in asymmetric forging.In our development of technologies such as non-mechanical processing and net shaping, and our work on technological innovation, we have maintained the continuous principle of "creating the future" throughout our growth as a forging manufacturer.

With the dramatic advance of globalization in the 21st century, the world is beginning to transform into a single large market.By enhancing our organizational structure in order to be able to rapidly respond to the needs of each customer, we aim to become a company that our customers can trust.

In addition, in light of the continuous major changes in the global environment, automobiles and energy, we will continue to pursue new initiatives and create new business opportunities.We will continue to realize new businesses and hasten improvements to our business structure.

We ask for your continued guidance and support.

President and CEO Tatsurou Nagasuna

Management Principles

Our company draws on our founding principles to create the future through manufacturing with a global vision.

  1. We are devoted to providing outstanding products.
  2. We hold to our dreams and ambitions, pursuing happiness for our employees.
  3. We return value to our shareholders, partner companies and society at large.